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Payment Policies

Maternity Unscripted is not taking insurance at the moment. We will provide our self-pay clients with a superbill suitable for you to submit to your insurance. The superbill (which will also serve as a payment receipt) will be coded appropriately to the level of service provided during the visit. You agree to pay me at the time of the visit (cash, check or credit card). 

My initial visit includes 1 week of follow up support by secure messaging, email, or text. Continued support is available for a weekly fee of $150. These fees are elective and not eligible for insurance reimbursement.


If my location has a travel fee applied, I understand that this is not eligible for insurance reimbursement. 


Maternity Unscripted may communicate with my credit card company or bank for any payment related matters.  It is my responsibility to provide accurate and current payment information. I will update my credit card information as needed and am responsible for any costs and fees associated with my failure to provide updated information. 


These policies apply to Maternity Unscripted and its representatives.


Payments may be made electronically using a credit card or fund transfer.  I use SquareUp to process payments. SquareUp meets the high standards of HIPAA and the banking industry for security and privacy with regard to financial transactions.  However, SquareUp may send, automatically or per your request, email or text message receipts that reveal personal health information such as the date and type of lactation visit.   If you are not comfortable with this, payment may be made via cash or check instead. 

Cancellation policy: I understand that I am responsible for all charges associated with this visit. If I cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, my credit card on file will be charged 50% of the visit. 

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