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Our Services 

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Postpartum "Warm Line" 

Settle your worries by calling a nurse to ease your anxieties and answer any immediate questions regarding your care in the postpartum period or the care of your baby. We can answer your questions and give you the most up-to-date, evidence-based practices. We will also give appropriate referrals when needed. Save yourself time and a trip to your provider by calling us at Maternity Unscripted.

Initial Lactation Consultation

The initial lactation consult can be done virtually or in person. In this session feeding is observed and all questions and concerns regarding chestfeeding are addressed. At the end of the session all clients receive a written feeding/care plan. This package includes two weeks of email and secure messaging support to reinforce and clarify any teaching done during the visit. 

*All babies will be weighed pre and post feed during home visit*

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Mother Baby Bonding

Follow Up Lactation Consult

Still having doubts, questions or concerns? Let's put your mind at ease with a follow up visit. During the visit we will discuss current feeding plan and make the necessary adjustments to help put your mind at ease. 


Prenatal Consultation 

Not sure what to expect when you're expecting? This consult teaches and informs parents what to expect in the first few days after having the baby. Some of the topics covered include; what to expect during your hospital stay,  the "golden hour" after birth and how to get on the right path to successfully breastfeeding your baby. 

Bringing Home Baby 

Baby is home and you feel a bit overwhelmed? We are here to teach you baby basics and postpartum care. We discuss the transition of coming home and go over all of the necessary care for both baby and mom. This includes bathing, diaper changing, cord care, burping, brief breastfeeding session, soothing and much more.

Mothers and their Baby
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